Ayleen Vanja av Snøfjord*CH

IC. NO*Migoto's Børge

born 02.02.2017

I was looking so much forward to these kittens, because these two cats are a real couple. Ayleen loves it to cuddle with Børge and he loves it to tease her :)! Ayleen got an easy birth even with these big boys (147 & 141g). She loves to be a mommy and she is so proud and her amazing way how she is taking care of her babies is touching our hearts


Dorian Balder black-tabby with white NFO n 09 24 booked
Drystan B... black-tabby mit weiss NFO n 02/03 21 booked

8 little paws


16 weeks
14 weeks
13 weeks
12 weeks
11 weeks
10 weeks
9 weeks
8 weeks
7 weeks
6 weeks
5 weeks


  Dorian Drystan
4 weeks
3 weeks
10 days
3 days