CH. Ysmene Veebee av Snøfjord*CH

FI*Slytiger's Mirage

born 19.03.2018

I was looking so much forward to these kittens. Ysmene got an "easy" birth and now she is a very proud mommy of a trio. She is just a fantastic and perfect mother



Emilee Yarina

red-silver with white NFO ds 03  
Esmeralda Yaëlle blau-crème (smoke) with white NFO g(s) 09 booked
Eleni Yasmine red-silver with white NFO ds 03  

12 little paws


  Emilee Esmeralda Eleni
14 weeks
3 months
10 weeks
2 months
7 Wochen
5.5 weeks
4.5 weeks
3.5 weeks
2.5 weeks