SC. Lillyblue Fee v. Feengarten*D

SC.& DVM S*Zygot's Dragonfly (Jansson)

For my Lillyblue is the greatest fortune to be mommy. This year she has had to wait such a long time and sometimes she was so much frustrated like also hopeless. And now it worked for her, I'm so happy for my Lillyblue like she is enjoying so much her great fortune!!!


Tasida Lysa black-white NFO n 09 Sold
Tinbin Jannali black-white (Bicolour) NFO n 03 Sold
Thjorsa Laureen black-white NFO n 09 Sold
Tirza Lowanna black-white NFO n 09 Sold
Turmalin Jacy black NFO n Sold

20 little paws
  Tasida Tinbin Thjorsa Tirza Turmalin
12 weeks
11 weeks
10 weeks
8 weeks
7 weeks
5 weeks
3 weeks
2 weeks
1 week
1 day