born 01.09.2008

EC. Lillyblue Fee v. Feengarten*D CH. Petterson av Snøfjord*CH

This marriage I've didn't noted and I was surprised as Lillyblue get rounder and rounder. First I was a little bit shocked like Lillyblue is the mother of Petterson. In addition Lillyblue got yet kittens this years and honestly, my feelings were not so calm.

... but they surprised me: Lilly got like always 4 kittens and like always 2 females and 2 males (it's her 4th litter!). Really surprised I was about the size and the weights of the kittens: all of them were born with a weight between 130 - 160g and with one week they were yet between 250 - 300g.

But I don't sell them like breeding kittens like I'm not a fan of inbreeding like the cats has to pay for our ideas to get better cats and so on. This doesn't correspond with my thought ethics. Please don't ask me for a kitten of this marriage if you like breeding with, thank you!


Runa Nattstjerne f black, n sold
R'Blåbær Pari m blue-white, a 09 sold
Reni Stjerneskudd f blue-tabby with white,  23 09 sold
Rosebær Prins m blue-white, a 03 stays with us