Interest: We got interested people in this kitten, but we decide later because first we want to follow the develop of the baby. Requests are always welcome and not always the persons who put the first requests will be the new owners of the baby-kitten.

Booked: The kitten is definitively booked

Option: We are following the develop of this kitten because we got the idea to keep it for ourselves. But also here requests are always warmest welcome!


The kitten will be wormed at least twice (Milbemax)

Vaccination and repeat against cat flue and feline panleukopenia (against leucosis when needed, as breeding-kitten)

Leucosis-Test who are destined for breeding-kittens

Kittens, who are destined for breeding after careful examination by myself, will be identified by an electronic chip, registered in the database of ANIS and they receive a "Pet Passport" (also kittens who will be sold like pets can be identified by an electronic chip for an adequate surcharge)

Kittens, who will be sold like pets, will leave yet neutered

Each kitten we will bring it personally in their new homes

...... The kittens will be raised with a lot of love and carefulness


here you can see our earlier litters

Pictures of kittens "av Snøfjord", how they are today...