SC. Lillyblue Fee v. Feengarten*D


blue with white, NFO a 09


HCM negative 12.04.2006

GSD IV: negative

PK Def: negative


Breeder: Sabine Jansen-Nöllenburg, DE-45481 Mülheim an der Ruhr

Father: Måneskin Felis Jubatus

Mother: Pikatschu Fee v. Feengarten



5 4

Litters: 26.06.2006; 22.04.2007; 02.05.2008; 01.09.2008; 09.11.2010; 15.11.2011


Lillyblue, my wish in blue-white, is coming into my home like like a destiny. From the first minute away, she was feeling like at home and anything could stop her curiosity...

When I judge the type it's a dream: a long absolutely straight profile, a high very well arounded front, ex. strong chin, well set and big ears with tuffs and above of all she is very long in the body and, strong and extremely high on legs.

Her temper is absolutely fantastic. She is the absolute love in herselve and this lovely and amazing temper she gave also to her kittens! She is also the best friend of my Smultron! They couldn't live without the other :)

It would be very interesting to observe her development...