The Norwegian Forest Cat

The Norwegian Forest Cat (in Norway: Norsk Skogkatt) is very similar to the wildcats and so the Norwegian is a natural breed. Sometimes this cat is calling just like "Norwegian". The Norwegian Forest cat is big, robust and a semi-long-hair cat with a long bushy tail and an immense collar.

The Norwegian Forest Cat is a semi-long-hair cat and together with the Maine-Coon and the Ragdoll one of the biggest cat breeds. Their appearance impressive
it has due to the climate extreme in their homeland Scandinavian. This cat is big, very robust and muscular and got a double-coat with an overcoat water-repellent and a dense undercoat and with a long and bushy tail. The Norwegian, who exists in the nature manage their grooming their-selves and is the only semi-long-hair cat who doesn't need to be brushed regularly.

Like the Norwegian Forest Cat is not bred man-made but rather they developed in a natural way, they don't have often the same breeding-problems of other races, like example the problems with the eyes or disruptions with the respirations caused by a knick between nose and front like it exists by Persians cats, or colds caused by elimination-breeding of the coat at the hairless cats likes Sphinx.

The original Norwegian Forest cat is very big, mostly tabby cat or black-white, but this cat exists in each color. This cat is absolutely not a wild but, it is more a nice, cute and comical cat.

Norwegian Forest Cats are in general very funny and playful, curiously and wakefully. They love to have a lot of space but they don't need a free runout. Playing together is very often very racy - above of all when they are younger (sometimes still they are getting old!) you have to know it. Their moves are very elegant and normally they don't upset things.

The Norwegian is very intelligent and teachable, but this cat could also be very stubborn when it's resolved to do something. This cats love to be on the womb and they love to sleep on the pillow. They are looking for the presence to the human. Norwegian Forest Cats are very friendly and funny, they contract a deep relationship to their human. After a very short time they are trusting in us completely and are proving their affection in a wonderful way. They love to purr in a fantastic volume. They are well settled and don't show their claws while we are playing with them.

With other cats the Norwegian Forest Cats are very friendly. They are accepting other cats of other breeds with any problem. They are needing other cats to preclude boredom.

Source: Wikipedia

I've assembled many things about this fantastic cat and I wish you a lot of joy to get to know it...