CH. Petterson av Snøfjord*CH

11 months, 6kg

black-spotted tabby with white, NFO n 09 24

born 22.04.2007

HCM-Test: too young at the moment (both parents are tested)

GSD IV negative

Breeder: Monika Scheuner

Father: EC.  N*Fiskerjenta's Smultron

Mutter: EC. Lillyblue Fee v. Feengarten*DE


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When Petterson was born, I was thinking: what for a pretty and tipical little male! With each day my joy was growing with and I got a lot of requests for him. Long time I didn't know what to do: should I keep him for myselve or should I give him into a cattery. I've decided to give him into a cattery because with Bringebaer I got yet a son of Smultron for going on with my cattery. To say good-bye was very hard for me because he was so near of my heart. It seems, that he got the same pain because he didn't reach to be well in the new home. So he came back and I'm really happy after this decision. He is very thankful and he is enjoying the kitten-live with Prinsessa. Now I will observe his developping and when he would grow in the same way till now, I will keep him like male.

Petterson is a very strong young male (5 months, 4kg) on very strong and high legs. He got a straight and very high arounded profil, a good chin, very big and well setted ears, a long body and an excellent temper and great expression. I'm sure, that I will be prouder of him with each day ;)!