Prinsessa av Snøfjord*CH


January 2010


tortie tabby with white, NFO n 01 21

born 06.05.2007

HCM-Test: too young at the moment (both parents are tested)

GSD IV negative

PK Def negative


Breeder: Monika Scheuner

Father: GIC.  N*Fiskerjenta's Smultron

Mutter: EC. Marienkäfer Fee v. Feengarten*DE


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Because it was the third litter of my wonderful female Marienkäfer I would keep a female of her. The choice between Perla, the image of her mother, and Prinsessa, who got so much white, was not easy. I loved both of them very much and finally I've decided me to keep Prinsessa, because her mother Marienkäfer is so much a special cat, I'm not yet ready to keep a second cat like her. Both little females are very good in the standard and very promising, so I've the privilege to make my decison "only" because of the colour. I don't regret my decision one second because she is a little sunshine and really everybody's darling.

Prinsessa is a very strong young female on strong and high legs. She got a wonderful triangle, a straight and high arounded profile. The ears are big and very well seted. Her temper is fabolous, a real clown and I laugh very often because her. Her expression is for me a real NFO-expression. I'm sure, she will stay our sunshine ;)!

My "little" sweet princess loves the shows dearly like she loves to be admired but she hates the baths. It's always a terror for her and this is the reason she will not be showed so many times. It's sad but I don't want plague her just for nourish my egoism! So Princessa savors to stay at home and to tell us her little histories :)!