Prissy Oleanna av Snøfjord*CH

black-smoke with white, NFO ns 09

born 03.11.2007

HCM-Test: negative, 11.04.2011

GSD IV: will follow


Breeder: Monika Scheuner

Father: EC. Nebraska of Bright House*CH

Mother: O'Raya av Snøfjord*CH


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Litters: 04.08.2010; 29.03.2011

For me Prissy is a sign of the destiny! Two weeks before Prissy and her siblings were born, their great-grandmother Hilja died. Prissy was the firstborn and so I've passed yet several hours with her, before the second kitten was born. So the relationship was yet very special to Prissy. More and more I've discovered in her Hilja and the event who touched very much my heart was, when I was was talking about Hilja and then she looked me at once, was climbing on my legs and started to purr. Since this moment I know that Hilja came back in Prissy. Sometimes she is closing the ears when I call her Prissy, but she comes when I call her Hilja! This will be a very special and intensive relationship! I'm also very proud like Prissy will be my fourth generation!

She is very promising in type: straight profile and very high rounded front. The ears got a good size and are very, very well set. She got a very good boning, a good length of the tail and got this fabulous expression: this green eyes in the dark head. Like Hilja...

I'm looking forward to the evolution of my coat-ball, sometimes we can't see the legs and the head like she got so much coat :-)


with 4 months