born 26.06.2006

IC. Lillyblue Fee v. Feengarten

GIC. Karim of Simchat

Lillyblue has let us waiting a long time. I've seen the signs of the very closed birth but the kittens wouldn't come. But now, at the 69 day of her pregnancy Lillyblue is getting mammy. Now she showed us an inbelievable speed. She gave birth to four dwarfs nordics  in only 49 minutes and all of them were between 120 - 137g. For the first birth of a female a wonderful effort. Thank you very much Lillyblue for this beautiful quartet!

A very special thank you and a big hug goes to Chantal Rubinstein for giving me the possibility for this wonderful litter. Thank you very much Chantal!!!


Olivia Azl f blue-white booked
Odrino m blue-white booked
Ombra Azzurra f blue mackarel tabby with white booked
Odysseus m blue-white booked