SC.Ryan Moselyng av Snøfjord*CH



born 27.05.2008

HCM-Test: negative, 20.08.2010

GSD IV: negative

PK Def: negative

BAEP-Test: is hearing on both ears at 100%


Breeder: Monika Scheuner

Father: CH. Mitja Ingbjørn av Snøfjord*CH

Mother: EC. Marienkäfer Fee v. Feengarten*D


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Litters: 12.04.2010; 21.07.2010; 04.08.2010;19.09.2010; 03.11.2010

First I've didn't thought to keep a male of this litter, but so often, plans will be changed. Today I've didn't regretted one minute to keep Ryan, above of all when we will remember us what has happened to this both brothers. In addition I love white Norwegian Cats and like Liv got now a certain age and she can go soon in the retirement, I "need" a white kitten to follow the breed of white Norwegian Cats. His grandfather Eliot like also his father Mitja were and are so easy males and I hope my big piece of gold Ryan will got the same genes!!!

Ryan got a fantastic temper: he knows exactly who he is, he is very self-assured, but he can purr and beg like anybody else. It's very difficult to resist his wishes. He is very cute, an open and alert temper, he is so kindly and he is saying hello to each one who is coming into the house with a winking tail :-)!

He is very strong with a very good boning and so he got definitively the genes of his grandfather and his father. He got a wonderful strong and long profile, just the chin could be a little bit stronger, but like I know this lines very well I know, the chin will be very strong in some months! Ryan got wonderful ears, size and setting. I'm looking forward to accompany him with his growing :-)