born 04/22/2007

IC. Lillyblue Fee v. Feengarten*D

GIC. N*Fiskerjenta's Smultron

With an immense impatience I was waiting for this litter. The last weeks were not easy for me and so I was really looking forward to this kittens. In addition this are really kittens of two lovers. A couple like them you will not see very often. Smuly took care very well of the future mommy and now he takes care of his babies. It's really wonderful and this picture touch the heart!

Lillyblue got an easy birth but she needed several hours. With a enormous patience she gave live to each one of her kittens. Now she got four marvellous babies. I'm really very happy of this kittens and I hope they will only have moment full with love and sunshine!


Pebbels f black tabby with white n 02 21 sold
Pippilotta f black mackarel tabby n 24 sold
Petterson m black mackarel tabby with white n 09 23 sold
Quirin m black mackarel tabby with white n 03 23 sold