Who is the breeder of "av Snøfjord"?

I was growing up on a farm and yet like a children animals were always around of me. My deepest relationship I got to the cats more than to the other animals. This love for the animal I received of my father who loves his animals very much and they were more than only farm animals for him. In the wonderful village in the Bernese Oberland, who is 1000m over sea, I was growing up, so I'm a real children of the mountains.

A long time I was without cats conditional on my apprenticeship and the first years in the job. Some years later it changed when I took my housecats Meggy and Ayaleth in my house. Some years later the destiny got another trump ready for me:

Everything started 2000 with the move-in of Hardy and Hilja av Fjellheia. I was so much elated about this both coat-balls that the thought, to start breeding, get stronger and stronger. In the springtime of the year 2002 Hilja gave birth the first Norwegian Forest kittens carrying the name "av Snøfjord".

In the meantime some years passed and I've made many experiences, good and bad experiences. I've learned a lot with the kitten, reading books about cats and breeding and also through showing my cats.


I've got many wonderful moments but also moments who were very hard, above of all when I'm thinking at all this kittens who lost their lives in the automn 2008 because of Calcivirose. But never I've lost my passion for breeding! My nobility of ideals are not breeding a lot of kittens, but less litters with a high quality. Not only in the standard, above of all in the temper and the health! My goal is that my kittens and cats could be happy cats and bring a lot of joy to their new owners! So I try to have so much time like possible for these three months, when kittens are born till they will leave me!

Through the years I could build my what a Norwegian Forest Cat means for me and this is more important than each show-result (I enjoy very much good show results, anyway!):

My goal: Norwegian Forest Cat with a flawless temper and a tipical expression, a lot of coat with a very good quality, large and strong who has to be so much as possible natural, but the health and the well-beeing got the first place.

To reach this ideal more and more I try to give my best to realize it!

SC. & SP & DVM N*Fiskerjenta's Smultron


Beside of breeding I got another immense passion: NORWAY! I love this country very much like also the inhabitants. Each time when I arrive their it's for me like coming home in this country of the trols and fees, the fjords, the endless woods, the colored houses and when I'm smelling the salty flavor of the see. Here some impressions:

View over Oslo and his fjord


upside Holmenkollen with view in direction Lillehammer

Vigeland-Park in Oslo


at Oslofjord (Drøbak)


at Oslofjord



the country of trolls and fees

tipical stave church (12th century)


at Geirangerfjord





Henningsvaer (Lofoten)



Reine (Lofoten)