Now itís time to let go old and to blaze a path.

While more than 18 years I could breed these amazing breed, the Norwegian Forest Cats. Many of you know the passion I got for them and for the breeding. It was a part of me. Now itís the moment to close my cattery.

It was a tough decision and absolutely not easy to take. After so many years it couldnít be just a spontaneous idea. Today I know itís the right decision and Iím calm.

Mine and our lifeís have changed a lot during the last months and therefore also the priorities. It was time to let go also beloved and important things.

During all these years Iíve met a lot of people: owners of my kittens or other breeders. With some of them are still my friends and never I would miss them. I was quite often on the road, I saw a lot and I could make many precious experiences. Iíve visited shows in whole Europe, I could celebrate many wonderful successes. But Iíve made also experiences with the awful side of breeding: envy and jealousy who doesnít know any limit.

But Iíll keep all the wonderful moments in my memories, all the precious acquaintances, all the beautiful Norwegian Forest Iíve saw. Above of all Iím so grateful to my companions on four paws: thank you for your company. You bring us a lot of joy and with your carefree minds and with your love of life youíre conjuring a smile on our faces. Still today I would decide to breed the Norwegian Forest cats, still today Iím so fascinated of this breed. Now I just can enjoy them Ė anything else 😊!

Some of my cats are yet neutered, the others will be neutered soon. I ask you not to put requests to sell them into another cattery Ė thanks a lot.

I like to say thank you to each one who has accompanied me on this long journey and I wish you all the best.

Warmest regards

Monika and the Norwegian Forest Cats ďav SnÝfjord*CHĒ