born 02.05.2008

EC. Lillyblue Fee v. Feengarten*D EC. N*Fiskerjenta's Smultron

Now, the kittens are born! Lilly doesn't have any problem with the pregnancy neither with the birth. In only one hour she gave birth to four wonderful kittens. It's so nice like she got always four kittens and always two couples. And like the last year, in the same colours! Well done, Smuly & Lilly!


Rasmussen Sisik m black-tabby, n 24 Sold
Rhion Seljen m black bicolour tabby, n 03 24  
Ranja Lilliebloem f black bicolour tabby, n 03 24 Sold
Ribannah Lin f black tabby with white, n 09 24 Sold