CH. Ysmene Veebee av Snøfjord*CH


tortie-silver tabby with white, NFO fs 03 22

born 20.09.2013

HCM-Test: will be tested

GSD IV: negative

PK Def: negative


Breeder: Monika Scheuner

Father: Sylwester Mroon*PL

Mutter: Udinaja Viola av Snøfjord*CH


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Litters: 09.08.2015; 19.07.2016; 19.03.2018


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Udinaja and Sylwus got last springtime yet a kitten like Ysmene, our little Ylvie. I've promised her yet very early and so she lives today with Nina and Pepsie in Finland. But the destiny was well with me and so it gives me again such a kitten: my sweet little Ysmene.

Ysmene is a very promising kitten and she loves the life and enjoy it very much. The most beautiful moments she spends with her big "brother" Felix since her siblings moved into their new homex. Also Felix loves to take care of his little "sister". When he moves to our home, these kittens were small and he wanted to be always with them. This affection and love is so wonderful to see and to feel.

Now we are very exited to see, how the growing up of Ysmene will be and where our trip with our amazing princess will go...